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About Man In Space

Alone on a small space station orbiting the planet, It’s been 157 days since Commander Kelly last received any contact from Earth. With each passing day he grows less optimistic any further communication or rescue is coming his way. With his resources and fight to go on both dwindling, each episode consists of a new audio log from Commander Kelly as he documents his situation and his state of mind. Dive into the psyche of a man alone, adrift in space, as he fights not only for a way to survive but also for a reason to. Part Space Drama, part Search for Meaning, “Man in Space” is a journey that takes place both out across the stars and inward into oneself.

Episode one opens with a dark truth Commander Kelly struggles to accept. With each episode that follows, we learn more about Kelly’s past, while his present torpedoes at lightspeed into an adventure he never could have expected. First he needs to survive, then find his humanity. Or is it the other way around?

The Production

Written in Los Angeles, recorded in New York City, and edited/mixed in London, taking listeners to space is a multi city collaboration.

The Man In Space Team

Writer and Producer: Dillan Cohen

Commander Kelly: Michael Pate

Audio Engineer: Graeme Hales

Original Score: Nico Sleator

Beyond the Stars and Sci-Fi:

“ At some point in our lives we’ve all felt as if we were that person alone, adrift in space, while the conflicting emotions of hopelessness and determination dance and battle inside us. MIS is a show about that battle, and a love letter to not only exploring the stars but to exploring the depths inside ourselves.”

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